Licensed/Registered/Board Certified Art Therapist & Licensed/Nationally Certified Psychoanalyst

Dedicated to a compassionate, deep, symbolically oriented approach

Dedicated to a compassionate, deep, symbolically oriented approach, I have an integrative approach to therapy and view it as a spiritual process.

With over 40 years experience as a therapist, I have worked with many kinds of suffering such as bereavement, mood and eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I work with ages 17 and up.

As an expressive psychoanalyst I have a variety of modalities at my disposal: psychoanalysis; dream work, art therapy, mindfulness based cognitive techniques, hypnosis and visualization, sand tray, yoga, and familiarity with Eastern and Western mystical traditions. As a former dancer, I bring sensitivity to body based states to our process as well.
Mainly, we talk; I listen deeply, and use these techniques in the service of you in your quest to evolve and heal.

I have had the honor to teach many students, here and abroad. My core subject is how to work with and understand symbols and metaphor to aid people’s healing.

I teach in graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs: Pratt Institute of Design, the New School for Social Research, the School of Visual Arts as well as the Institute for Expressive Analysis.
Internationally, I have taught for the Korean Expressive Arts Therapy Association/ Mjungi University in Seoul, South Korea as well as lecturing internationally.

The classes I teach are: Art Diagnosis, Symbolism in Art Therapy, Alchemy, Dream Interpretation, and Symbolization and Creativity.