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A professional astrologer since l973, I specialize in the integration of psychology and astrology. Melding spiritual, psychological, mythological, creative, and inspirational themes in my work, I nonetheless feel they need to be grounded in practical approaches to the solving of client's problems. To this end, I am trained in traditional techniques and have specialties in predictive work, electional work (determining when to start an enterprise), and relationship analysis. I love helping people open up to themselves, their life path, and live a more successful and meaningful life.

A basic astrology reading is a one hour appointment. Before the session I prepare your astrological chart, based on the day, minute, and location of your birth. When you arrive, we will talk about the themes and issues indicated by your birth chart . We will talk about the mythological and psychological themes that move through your life, and how these are manifesting in real life experiences in your life overall, at the present time, and into the next year and beyond. Please bring questions if you have them about any area of your life.
My readings have been described in Psychic New York: “She is sympathetic, quick witted, and astute. Although she usually separates therapy from astrological readings, her analysis ...is both responsive and profound.”

One of the pioneers in combining astrology and psychology, I was on the steering committee of the groundbreaking Association of Astrology and Psychology (1985-88). On the faculty of the New York City National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) for over 20 years, I am proud to be a Certified Astrologer Level IV NCGR (the highest level), I also served on the international association, The Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN) steering committee 1998-2002.
Co-author, with M.J. Abadie, of the best-selling book Love Planets, an experiential relationship astrology book using astrodrama, organized around the theme that astrology is the inner play of your life.
The creation of, and implementation of, the "Mandala Project" that culminated at the United Astrology Congress 2002, and repeated the Labyrinth room and art center, at the United Astrology Congress in 2008. (See more info on Mandalas on the labyrinths and mandalas page.)

Combining my psychoanalytic, astrological, and art therapy knowledge, I have been researching and studying the relationship between art elements (form, line, color, composition), archetype, and psychoanalytic dynamics(Jungian and neo Freudian), with astrology for over 30 years. I have recently begun integrating this with how astrology manifests in people's physiognomy (how we look physically)
In 2008, I contributed several articles to The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion (www.springer.com/psychology/psychology+general/book/978-0-387-71803-3 - 33k - )
"Alchemy and Astrology," Astrology and Mandalas," The Astrological Chart as a Transitional Object, " and "Duende and Psychoanalysis."


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